New Boston-Based VC Fund Has $50M for Blood Tech Startups

The New York Blood Center unveiled a $50 million investment fund, NYBC Ventures, on Thursday. The financing is tied to proceeds from a solvent detergent plasma process used for blood purification around the world, the patent for which NYBC owns.

New blood and cell therapy-focused venture fund emerges with $50M

The 60-year-old New York Blood Center, a nonprofit that delivers blood products, transfusion medicine services and blood research across 17 states, has created the NYBC Ventures fund to back startups working on benign hematology, infectious diseases, cell therapies, devices, transfusion medicine and other areas.

Hematology-focused VC fund expects deal flow from inside, outside NYBC

A new fund launched by New York Blood Center is aiming to be a syndicate partner for VCs investing in innovative blood products, including therapeutics developers and cell therapy manufacturers.

New Venture Fund Targets Innovations in Blood Research

On Thursday, May 11, Wall Street Journal featured the article, “New Venture Fund Targets Innovations in Blood Research,” highlighting the work of New York Blood Center, and other healthcare nonprofits, to utilize venture capital to help startups treat diseases. The article elaborates on NYBC’s venture fund designed to invest in startups targeting conditions that do not typically garner New Venture Fund Targets Innovations in Blood Research